• Arty Pants Poster

    Promotional poster for 'Arty Pants', a comedic SAG short where I play an overly-ambitious art-dealer

  • You’re A Little Late

    Promotional poster for 'You're a Little Late', a seriocomic SAG short where I play a police officer responding to a break-in. Things get out of control very fast.

  • Minor Suspension

    Posters of Minor Suspension, my musical improv team.

  • Improv with CG

    Every other Saturday, Minor Suspension creates a totally-improvised 50-minute musical based on the audience's suggestion.

  • Minor Suspension Still

    Improvising with Amy Lisewski, founder of Finest City Improv.

  • Minor Suspension – Dancing

    Getting silly on Minor Suspension with Emmy-nominee Joshua Funk of 'Key and Peele.'

  • You’re A Little Late – Officer Mills

    Still from "You're a Little Late"

  • Stache Poster

    Promotional poster for Stache, where a group of ladies dress and improvise as men. So fun!

  • Stand up

    I do stand-up, and an audience member made this image for me with a photo he took during my set, and his favorite quote from my routine!

  • Stache – Sammy

    Still from a Stache show. I don't remember what Sammy was thinking about, but he sure looks happy!

  • Reader Cover

    Swim Team, an all-female Harold team I'm on, ended up on the cover of the San Diego Reader during Comic-Con!

  • Stand Up – Dinnmann

    Just doing a little character. I did a routine as Barbie Dinnmann, one of my characters. She is a ditzy, daring, and extremely naive Midwestern housewife. She also has a wicked potty mouth.

  • Stand Up – Sammy

    Thirty minutes after doing my set as Barbie, I switched characters and did a set as Sammy.

  • Swim Team Poster

    This is the original poster for Swim Team. We perform every other Friday night. These ladies make me laugh non-stop.

  • Tonight in San Diego

    In the green room before performing on the talk show 'Tonight in San Diego'

  • Ukraine Sketch

    Getting screamed at by Chris George during 'Some Magnificent Thing", the sketch show I just wrapped.

  • Hot Date – Duncan Show

    Poster for 'Duncan', the webseries I'm currently filming.