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Last Chance to see

Last Chance to see “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”!

My beloved “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”, in which I play the Nurse, ends this Saturday. This re-telling of “Romeo and Juliet”, set in the meth labs […]

Summertime Madness!!!

Summertime Madness!!!

This summer is flying by at warp speed! I’m wrapping playing the Nurse in “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”, while in rehearsals for “President Hillary” (see link […]

Relatively Speaking

Relatively Speaking

So I’m part of a fun new show at Finest City Improv where we will be performing monologues, then improvising scenes based on those monologues. Each […]


Wrapped! “On the Rocks” short film.

Things have been pretty busy lately, so I’m going to one big update while I have a second. Between shooting an industrial video with my son […]

Wrapped! Three Day Shoot for the Indie Short

Wrapped! Three Day Shoot for the Indie Short “Gwen and the Phoenix”.

Last weekend I shot a wonderful indie short called “Gwen and the Phoenix”. I played Gwen, and I don’t want to say anything more about this […]



Twistered opens this Saturday, March 7th, and runs through the end of April. I’m beyond ready to get my Dorothy on! I also booked a leading […]

Improvised Audition for

Improvised Audition for “Duncan” Webseries

This is a heavily improvised, self-taped audition I did for “Duncan”, which I booked. The director gave us a script, but he also wanted us to […]


So pleased to announce that I have been cast as Dorothy in “Twistered!”, the hilarious play by Marc Warzecha. This irreverent re-imagination of “The Wizzard of […]

Finest City Improv Tour Co

Finest City Improv Tour Co

I’ve been cast in Finest City Improv’s Touring Company, and I’m really excited! We have been taking our combination of sketch and improv to several corporate […]

“Let It Go” (Parody)- Song from “Thawed” Sketch Show

A NSFW parody of “Let It Go”, and the big finale from “Thawed”. I sing with Matt Harris, who wrote the lyrics, and the music was […]