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Renaissance Woman-

Renaissance Woman- “Thawed” Sketch Show

Now that “Thawed” has ended, I can show another sketch that I wrote for the show. This one is about a man looking for a special […]

Modern Woman Fitness-

Modern Woman Fitness-“Thawed” Sketch Show

This is a sketch I wrote for “Thawed” at Finest City Improv, and the audience response to it was fantastic. It’s a silly commentary on the […]

“Duncan” Teaser

Here is another teaser from the webseries “Duncan”.  My character, Monica, finally notices what is going on in her office.

Improv With Keiko Agena of

Improv With Keiko Agena of “Gilmore Girls”

My all-female improv group Swim Team was lucky enough to have the lovely Keiko Agena from “Gilmore Girls” improvise with us. Our set explored loud internet […]

Komen Fundraiser San Diego

Komen Fundraiser San Diego

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and most of us know someone who has been affected by this horrible disease.  I feel very honored to have […]

Short Film -

Short Film – “You’re a Little Late”

This is the trailer for a short film that I absolutely loved working on. I just got to see the completed film at a cast and […]

“Duncan” Web Series

I’ve recently been cast as a series regular in a really funny web series called “Duncan”.  We shot some teasers for the pilot, and this one […]

“Thawed” – a Sketch Comedy Revue

My second sketch show, “Thawed”, opens on September 13, and runs until October 18th. My favorite part about this show is getting to belt some epic, Disney-worthy ballads.  

“Tonight in San Diego” – Interview Improv

My friend Amy Lisewski, who created Finest City Improv, was recently interviewed on a late-night talk show called “Tonight in San Diego”.  She invited me to […]

Stache Clips Montage

Stache Clips Montage

So here’s something you don’t see every day: a bunch of women in drag, improvising as men!  The team is called Stache, and I’ve assembled some […]